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Offshore Properties

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Offshore properties
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About Us
Atlantic Canada ?
Belize North ?
Gulf Coast Florida ?
PEI Waterview INCOME Property for sale
PEI waterview lots for sale
Oasis Belize Casita
Oasis Belize Lots for sale
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Your new lifestyle starts with our
        Offshore Properties.....

      We offer very attractive Offshore Properties for sale
                                Atlantic Canada
                                    around the
                                 Gulf of Mexico
Currently all properties held for sale are our own properties.
We hold clear title on all of these properties.
We are not a real estate agents but may add some interesting properties owned by friends to assist them in advertising and to provide them with a North American representative for customer contact .
In all cases you will deal DIRECT with the owner of the property !

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 "Offshore Properties" 
  Atlantic Canada and Gulf of Mexico 
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